In the Spring of 2022, a team of two paddlers embarked on a self-supported sea kayaking journey from Vancouver Island, British Columbia; to Skagway, Alaska – roughly 1,500km. The journey took them North on the famous ‘Inside Passage’, through the rugged coastal terrain of Alaska. 

They shall be offering a behind the scenes look on expedition life, showing the viewer exactly what it takes to embark on a trip of this magnitude:

World class kayaking through temperate rainforest, wildlife encounters, pro-tips on long distance paddling, wilderness life hacks, invasive photo taking and a webisode series!

Topics covered shall include areas of importance and interest on the Inside Passage, the wildlife that inhabits it and what can be done to protect their wild spaces.

We will not be the first, nor shall we be the fasted. We will however, be having the most fun and invite you to join us on our journey!