The Purpose

For Fun's Sake

The Story of ‘For Fun’s Sake

For Fun’s Sake (FFS) is a concept that came about when diving deep inside, trying to figure out exactly why we wanted to go on a large scale expedition and what we would be trying to achieve.

Many people embark on such adventures after a life awakening event, an epiphany; they may be raising awareness of something or trying to raise money for a cause. Their motivations can be truly noble. Others are trying to be the first to do something. Either a new route on an existing path or an entirely new descent never having been done before.

Our reasons are far more stripped back.

We wanted to go on an adventure for no other purpose than going on an adventure. The reasons for this are not due to a higher calling or a need to be the first or the fastest or the best. The reason is to have a good time. To go and live. To do something for the sake of doing it!

It’s For Fun’s Sake

The Purpose

FFS is about true adventure. Real freedom to be just Man amongst Nature.

We shall be offering a gritty, uncensored, behind-the-scenes look into the process of creating and carrying out such an expedition.

Although our primary objective is a quest for adventure, we plan to tackle some more serious topics within our webisodes.

Such as dedicated episodes on:
– Threatened Killer Whales and What Can Be Done to Help Them
– Marine Mammals of the PNW
– How Not to Get Eaten by a Grizzly Bear
– The Return of the Humpback Whale
– Climate and Environmental Concerns Affecting All of Our Wild Spaces
– Areas of Interest Within the Inside Passage

By not linking ourselves to just one issue, it gives us the freedom to cover a range of topics that we feel need to be addressed. We shall be interviewing experts in each relevant field in order to help present the information in the best and most accurate way possible. 

We hope that our example can be used by others to answer the question of what true adventure is and what it takes to make it happen: be it a day, a week or longer.

To summarise, our goal is: